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Law Firm Information Technology and Technical Support Services

AC Consulting LLC provides a wide range of IT and technical support services for law firms. With over two decades of experience helping law firms and attorneys, we understand the unique technological needs and challenges facing the legal industry. We offer full analysis, planning, design, implementation, configuration, maintenance and support for the following law office softwares and legal technology areas:


Popular Legal Softwares

• Abacus Law Legal Calendaring, Client, Case and Document Management
• Hot Docs Document Assembly
• CEB Essential Forms
• WordPerfect/Word/Excel
• Timeslips/QuickBooks

Legal Accounting Softwares

• TimeSlips Time and Billing
• QuickBooks Pro
• LegalMaster Time and Billing
• PCLaw Time Billing, Accounting and Practice Management
• LegalMaster
• Tabs3 Full Accounting


Specialized Legal Softwares

• Dragon Dictate Voice Recognition
• Baji/CalJic (Jury Instruction) Forms
• CAPS Trusts and Wills
• Dissomaster and Propertizer (Family Law) Softwares
• Customized WordPerfect Macros
• Customized Microsoft Word Macros
• Pleading and Letterhead Macros
• Proof of Service, Verification and Caption Macros
• Summation Document Management/Litigation Support
• Sharp/Cannon/Xerox High-Speed Document Scanning
• Trial Director Courtroom Computer Exhibit Imaging


Legal Research Softwares

• Lexis and WestLaw Communications
• LawDesk and Rutter Group Practice Forms
• Matthew Bender Authority Softwares
• Portfolio Plus Tax Law Software
• Trademark Access Research Software
• Shepard's Citations
• CCH Tax Research Software
• Martindale Hubbell Attorney Directory
• WorldMark Intellectual Property Software


AC Consulting offers planning, design, implementation, maintenance and support services for the following technical areas:


Network Server Operating System

• Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019/2022 Terminal Server
• Microsoft Windows Peer-to-Peer/(Legacy)XP/7/10/11
• ConnectWise Remote Communications Server


Computer Network Systems

• LAN/WAN Design
• Installation and Configuration
• Security and Disaster Recovery Procedures
• Employee Sabotage Preparation and Prevention
• System Wide Cybersecurity Protection
• Printer Layout and Set-up
• Expert Troubleshooting
• Upgrades/Fine Tuning
• Drive Mapping and Integration
• Menu Design and Implementation
• System Standardization
• Cloud Backup/Digital Backup Verification
• Hub/Switch/Cable Configuration
• Network Expansion and VPN Communications
• Software Incompatibility Diagnostics



• Home-to-Office Remote Communications
• Internet Service Provider Assistance
• Domain Name Registration
• High Speed Internet Connections



• Firm Technical Manuals and Handbooks
• Employee User Guides
• Hardware Purchasing Consultation

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