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Monthly Accounting Services


We can assist with your monthly accounting and bookkeeping needs. Our Monthly Accounting Services provide a wide range of services from balance sheets and payroll services to assistance with tax planning throughout the year and preparation of your business tax returns. We can also work with your accounting software, and we can train and support your staff.

Bill Generation
We'll process your pre-bills, make any adjustments, and prepare the final bills for mailing.

Balance Sheets and Income Statements
We provide profit and loss statements that track revenues and expenses and assist in determining your business operating performance. Our services prepare balance sheets for the current period, the year to date, and comparisons to prior years.

Detailed General Ledger
All monthly activity is produced to ensure that no discrepancies occur with journal entries.

Bank Reconciliation
Our staff will reconcile your accounts each month to ensure that your bank account and accounting are kept up-to-date.

Payroll Services
We work with specialized payroll service providers for the preparation of payroll tax reports.

Unlimited Phone Consultation
Our staff is available to answer questions related to your personal or business finances, including financial statements, trend analysis, and cash flow projections.

Bookkeeping Services


Remote Bookkeeping Support

We work with your firm to develop workable procedures for the distribution of information. We bring the utmost care and detail to our work on the firm’s behalf, and we provide a high-level of security when it comes to your critical and sensitive financial information. We do this at a competitive or lower cost than realized with the hiring of an in-house bookkeeper.

Financial Oversight

We support and assist in the firm’s financial and general administrative areas including the following critical functions:

Financial Report Preparation

Management information is important and managing attorneys need to know where they stand financially, not monthly, not quarterly, not annually, but instantaneously–when the need is real. Formal reports are prepared on a monthly basis at minimum and distributed to firm management for review.

General Ledger Maintenance

We work with your accountants to ensure that your internal General Ledger is in synch with that of your end-of-the-year statements. Throughout the year all appropriate journal entries are added and new information is allocated and balanced to meet your requirements. We make sure that shared information between Accounts Payable, Time and Billing and Trust (IOLTA) is accurate and reconciled monthly.


Administrative Resource

Our accounting technical support provides our clients with unlimited telephone consultation on any and all issues pertaining to firm management. We bring a combined sixty years of legal administration experience to our law firm clients.

Electronic Billing (Ledes Billing)


In today's electronic landscape, law firms are contending with clients who may require that your bills be submitted as attachments to emails or through third-party online billing sites. This might make it easier and

more cost-effective for clients that use:


Legal eXchange


Litigation Advisor





Legal Tracker

Billing Point

Standard Ledes Billing Codes

Ledes processing can be difficult, but we can help. We have vast experience with e-billing and task-based billing processes. These programs and services are often complicated and require skilled knowledge that most law firms lack, but our team of professionals can assist your firm with implementing a solid workflow process that will solve your electronic billing needs.


We also work with firms that wish to retain their standard billing in-house practices and only need assistance with e-billing clients.

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