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Abacus Law

AC Consulting LLC has helped many law firms with Abacus Law. We can assist your firm with implementing a
proper installation, creating procedures, customization, and training. We are the nation's definitive Abacus Law experts with experienced consultants.
We can customize Abacus to track the information specific to your legal area of expertise. You'll be able to create documents using templates, manage your docketing, track client interactions, control accounts receivable, and even link events to your email system, just to name a few features. We offer a wide range of services.
Our Abacus Law Services feature:
• Increase productivity and efficiency in your legal organization
• Certified by Abacus Law
• Offer multi-tier Abacus Law training levels
• Flexible training schedules and availability
• Conceptual learning approach method
• Beginning-to-end project completion


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