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Legalmaster was designed for the firm that wants to combine powerful management tools with simplicity of use. It lets you integrate your “back office” financial record-keeping requirements with your “front office” case management needs. Legalmaster is “modular,” letting you automate whatever parts of your firm you wish, and add others as you see the need.


The full integration of the front and back office functions lets you, for example, search for conflicts through the descriptions of every time entry you've ever entered. The case management screens allow you to display vital matter information that the back office billing people have already supplied.

Unique Strengths

The most time-consuming task in a billing system is not, as most people think, the entry of financial transactions. Rather, it's the correcting of entry errors and modification of transactions prior to billing. LegalMaster is devoted and continues to devote lots of resources to make this aspect of your job as painless and efficient as possible.

LegalMaster's split billing features run circles around other competitors in the business. If you work on matters whose bills are to be shared among many clients, you should give LegalMaster a serious look. Rather than use a third-party reporting product, LegalMaster has developed its own report writer. As a result, it's tailored specifically for the Legalmaster data structure.

LegalMaster offers many ways for your attorneys and other timekeepers to enter their own time, including the ability to see a visual graphic representation of how you spent your day, making it easy to catch omissions. While LegalMaster may have many imitators, it continues to add new time saving enhancements. in fact, over half of LegalMaster's revenues are devoted to research and development, and they support all of their versions, regardless of age. LegalMaster will not force you to upgrade, and this has been their policy since 1977.

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